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Stop the Sask. Party attack on our kids' already strained classrooms

  • The Sask. Party has cut at least $674 in government funding for every student across Saskatchewan;
  • The Sask. Party hiked education taxes by $67 million but cut total government funding for education by $121 million;
  • Even though the Sask. Party is making us all pay more, our kids are actually getting less; and
  • The Sask. Party cuts mean that students will lose much needed supports in their classroom, including funding for busses for kindergartners and programs to help children with special needs and autism.
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We the undersigned, call upon the government to reverse the senseless cuts to our kids’ classrooms and to stop making families, teachers, and everyone who works to support our education system pay the price for the Sask. Party's mismanagement, scandal and waste. 

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