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Reinstate the funding for Spiritual Care Services in this province’s Health Region facilities.

  • With their 2017/18 budget, the Sask. Party has eliminated funding for Spiritual Care services within Saskatchewan’s health facilities;
  • Saskatchewan will be the only province within Canada to not fund this support for patients, residents, and their families seeking wellness;
  • The Sask. Party hid their plan to scrap funding for Spiritual Care within Health Region facilities during 2016 election;
  • Spiritual Care responds to the spiritual and emotional needs of patients and residents and provides a compassionate listening presence in times of crisis;
  • Spiritual Care supports families, patients, and residents in making difficult decisions;
  • Spiritual Care can provide support for all families, patients, and residents regardless of faith or belief in obtaining comfort and support.
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We, the undersigned want the Government to immediately reinstate the funding for Spiritual Care Services in Saskatchewan's Health Region facilities.

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