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Elementary school principal and former Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations vice-chief Lyle Whitefish is the New Democrat candidate for Saskatchewan Rivers.

Lyle Whitefish is a proud member of the Big River First Nation in central Saskatchewan. He is an elementary school principal at Mistahi Sipiy Elementary School on the Big River First Nation. Close to his family, Lyle and his wife Doris raised have raised four children and have been blessed with five grandchildren.

Lyle graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 1994 with a Bachelors of Education Degree which includes a major in Native Studies. Since then, Lyle has taught in both Provincial and on-reserve schools in Saskatchewan.

Shortly after graduation while working on his home reserve, Lyle ran in his first band election as a councillor and was successful. His grandfather George Whitefish was a long serving chief and his father Peter was also on council for many years. Lyle was asked to serve on the Agency Chiefs Tribal Council in 2001 to represent the three bands on issues pertaining to aspects of treaty and inherent rights as well economic development and brighter futures. In 2006, Lyle entered a larger political arena as he was a successful candidate for the fourth vice-chief’s position with the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations. During his term, Lyle was responsible for many portfolios including; Education, the Indian Residential School file, Sports and Recreation, Urban Issues, Lands and Resources and the Health and Social Development files. Lyle has sat on many boards and commissions as well as the Indian Oil and Gas Committee and the Indian Resource Council.

Lyle is a strong advocate for basic human rights and equality for all people.

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