Why are permanently disabled people with Spina Bifida not automatically covered by Sask. Healthcare?

They need catheters, enema supplies, briefs etc. and all the basic necessities in order to live. These supplies cost approximately four hundred dollars a month. Presently, they have to apply through the Saskatchewan Disability Program and then their bank accounts are searched to make sure their account is at zero. It is a very humiliating experience and the individual is left with little dignity which often leads to depression. Through no fault of their own they were born with a permanent disability and now treated like a criminal. If approved for assistance, they are allowed one catheter a day, whereas an individual needs approximately five a day to prevent infection, otherwise they are constantly on antibiotics which they become resistant to. With a doctors certificate, they should be able to get a Disability Health Card that they can present to the pharmacist, and stop the nonsense of bank account searches. This is discrimination against people with permanent disabilities!! Judy Jamieson

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