The WILD WEST of campaign finance!!

Campaign finance reform is required in Saskatchewan if we are to have free and open elections. Saskparty is taking full advantage of this wild west approach to financing political campaigns by accepting large donations from corporations & private enterprises OUTSIDE of this province & way outside of the needs of everyday citizens. So if a corporation like Nestle wants to buy our clean drinking water, they pay a corrupt politician in donations & in turn the elected official runs past regulations to sell public property and empty public funds in a non transparent manner. They get their land rights & we pay the price. Is this democracy at work? Who benefited from the loss of our crown corp. STC? Not the people of the province, not students, not healthcare facilities, not the rural community, not the North. Will saskparty commit to biting off the hand that feeds them and work together to reform this evasive process? If they dont commit to that, then our democracy will continue to erode. How can impoverished citizens, deeply in debt, actively participate in a democratic process where BIG MONEY always has the last word? Change is required.

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