When will this government realize that corporate tax breaks do more harm than good.

The Saskatchewan people can’t continue to provide big business with the lowest corporate tax rates in the world. They need to pay their fair share and help to contribute to a province that provides so much. Tax breaks don’t create jobs. As reported by PolicyAlternatives.ca: Canada’s previous corporate tax cuts (a 10% cut in the tax rate over 10 years) has been proven to have little impact in terms of getting businesses to invest: business investment in 2009 was exactly the same as it was in 2000: 12.4% of GDP. Canadian taxpayers end up subsidizing corporate tax cuts because Canada’s federal government is in a fiscal deficit – it has to borrow money to give corporate Canada another break. Canada’s roads, bridges, water and waste systems, transit and municipal buildings face a $123 billion backlog of repair and maintenance. The corporations may be getting a break, but they aren’t responsible for public infrastructure. Governments are. We are. It is a false economy to stick the next generation with an unnecessarily higher price tag to repair the foundation for business, family and community needs everywhere, particularly when borrowing costs are at historic lows and unemployment still high.

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