Unit of drs, nurses, psychiatrists to detox addicts who are in "minutes" of change and needing a fix.

Can a unit be set up in the hospitals of medical staff trained in addictions. When an addict “hitting rock bottom” comes to Emergency wanting to detox and change their life, there is a “small window of opportunity” before they need to go back on the street to feed their addiction. (crime, prostitution). The emergency department does not have the trained staff for this. An addict is sometimes not the most polite, considerate patient when they are in the state of withdrawal, and having to wait in the long lineups in Emergency. At the present time, the bureaucracy that is set up, addicts have to wait on a long list for beds in detox. They have to phone in every day to say they are still available. Most of the time, they have no phone, no home, no transportation, no friends. If after all of this they are successful in getting into detox and have not dropped back into the street, there is another wait period to get into the rehab treatment program. Again, they have no home to wait it out. Unfortunately, a lot of addicts become involved in crime to feed their addiction. So, that if they attempt to get help, there is a punitive jail time waiting for them. My granddaughter is a meth addict and on the street. we have been trying to get help for her for 4 years.

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