Dan Richert nominated in Biggar-Sask. Valley

Dan Richert was nominated Saturday evening to be the New Democrat candidate in the Biggar-Sask. Valley constituency.

”It's great to have Dan on our team of candidates, because I know he cares deeply about ensuring that Saskatchewan achieves our full potential as a province," said NDP Leader Cam Broten. "I'm hearing from more and more families in the Biggar-Sask. Valley constituency, and throughout the entire province, that they're tired of being taken for granted by the Sask. Party. They want an MLA that shares their priorities and puts them first, and that's why Dan is a great choice.”

Richert works in the housing sector for LaRoche McDonald Agencies, and previously worked for Saskatoon Housing Initiatives Partnership – a non-profit organization that helps developers build affordable housing. He’s also passionate about working with Saskatchewan’s youth. He was dean of students at Rosthern Junior College for four years, and also served as the college’s development and community relations officer. Throughout university, he volunteered as the board chair for Saskatchewan youth summer camps offered through his church.

“I share Cam Broten’s vision of families, students and seniors benefiting so much more in Saskatchewan,” said Richert. “During boom times in our province, the Sask. Party failed to invest in what matters most and they wasted so much money on misplaced priorities. Now, instead of cutting their own waste, they're cutting the health care and education we should all be able to count on.

"We need to fix and improve public services, we need to ensure that people who need home care or mental health support or a specialist appointment can get that help whenever they need it. That's what Cam Broten is working for and that's why I'm proud to be on his team.” 

Richert has deep roots in the constituency, from his grandparents’ hometown in Waldheim to his aunt and uncle’s farm near Langham.