Broten’s plan puts money in your pockets

During a visit to the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market, New Democrat Leader Cam Broten highlighted his plan to make life more affordable and put more money in the pockets of middle-class families, students, and seniors.

“During years of record resource wealth, Mr. Wall threw away millions on misplaced priorities like Lean, highly paid consultants and his gravy planes,” said Broten. “I understand the realities of everyday families and that’s why my plan is based on fairness and making life more affordable.”

Broten’s affordability measures include:

• A middle-class tax cut;

• Reducing utility costs;

• Providing an option for seniors to defer their property taxes;

• Reducing university and college tuition fees by $1,000, converting student loans to grants, and eliminating the interest on existing student loans;

• Ending per-kilometer ambulance fees; and • Expanding free medical care to include mental health counseling for children and youth.

“Families are understandably worried about what Mr. Wall will cut next, because he’s refusing to release a budget and his finance minister has said ‘draconian cuts’ are on the table,” said Broten. “The Sask. Party let everyday families down in the good times. We simply can’t afford them in the tough times.”

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