When will Sask Party government spend more money on public transportation?

The Saskatoon transit buses, which start from Monday-Friday morning at 5:49am, it is very hard for those who require buses earlier in the morning to get to work or to home before those hours. The buses should run as early as 5am and they should run every 15 minutes if not at least half an hour as well they should run same timings all the week including Saturday and Sunday. Currently, the buses run with frequent intervals from 5:49am till 7pm to accommodate a certain class of workers and students. It is unfair with those workers who begin or finish their work early morning or late night around 5am or after midnight that the buses only run during office or schools hours and they face huge difficulty to get transportation. After those hours then the buses would run hourly which is biased against those workers who work during odd hours. All workers whether they work during office or after office hours should be treated equally. The workers who work beyond office hours they also have rights as other people have like human beings. Labour class workers work harder and pay more taxes than anyone else despite that those workers class are deprived from basic transportation facilities which is totally unfair. I beside many other people I am personally facing this hurdle that I purchase monthly bus pass but still, I have to walk everyday for 6 km to get home and sometimes get to work because there is no transit service either when I go to work or finish my work and get to home. The buses are not available on the early morning at 5am neither on weekends. Even though I work two jobs and pay more taxes which are more than 30% of my every paycheck but despite the fact that I do not get the basic transportation facilities, which is intolerable injustice and inequity.

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