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Bring back STC

What do we know?

  • That the Sask. Party unilaterally eliminated the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC), an important Crown corporation that provided a crucial service to people across the province who depend on it for traveling, accessing medical services, and shipping important packages;
  • That the Sask. Party did not inform the Saskatchewan people prior to the 2016 election about their plan to scrap STC;
  • That the closure left 224 people out of work and communities across the province isolated from one another;
  • That the private sector does not provide services where STC used to, and this has worsened due to Greyhound's recent announcement of ceasing operations in western Canada;
  • That a new and innovative STC should be developed to provide a vital service to many seniors, workers, and families throughout the province;
  • That a new and innovative STC can help to drive the economy with a parcel service that serves farms and other businesses;
  • That a new and innovative STC will help Saskatchewan transition to a cleaner, and more environmentally-friendly economy.
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Petition to bring back STC as a public Crown corporation, and provide needed access to services for people who need them most.

We the undersigned join Ryan Meili and the Saskatchewan NDP in calling on the Provincial Government to begin the creation and design of a new, innovative, and publicly-delivered STC as a Crown corporation.

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