Broten holds town hall focused on Wall’s hidden budget

Brad Wall refuses to release his budget because he doesn’t want people to know, before they vote, how deep his cuts will be and what he’ll privatize next – a frustration repeatedly raised at a town hall hosted by NDP Leader Cam Broten in Regina.

“If the Sask. Party’s budget was good news for middle-class families, Mr. Wall would have released it with cake and confetti,” said Broten. “He’s hiding it for a reason. And if Mr. Wall refuses to trust voters with his budget, how on earth can he expect them to trust the Sask. Party with their vote?”

The Sask. Party’s Global Transportation Hub land scandal was also raised at the event. Broten said a judicial inquiry is needed, because Wall’s answers about the deal he personally signed have only increased the level of concern and frustration throughout the province.

“With each detail that leaks out, this deal stinks more and more,” said Broten. “The people of Saskatchewan deserve better than the secrecy and non-answers being given by Bill Boyd and Mr. Wall. We need to know why they paid people with alleged Sask. Party connections millions of taxpayer dollars for land that’s worth just a fraction of that.”

Broten also highlighted details of his own platform, including his plan to cut $178 million of Sask. Party waste and entitlements in the first year alone. Waste like Lean, the government’s gravy planes and private consultants that advise the Sask. Party. Broten will use a portion of those savings to reduce the Sask. Party’s deficit, and reallocate $122 million to families’ priorities, including hiring hundreds of nurses, care aides, teachers and educational assistants.

“We need to build a stronger province for middle-class families. A fairer province for people working hard to get ahead. A kinder province for children just starting out, and for grandparents needing care,” said Broten. “This election is about priorities. The Sask. Party wants a mandate to continue with their waste and misplaced priorities,” said Broten. “I’ll stop the Sask. Party’s cuts and privatization. I’ll protect health care and education and I’ll put more money in families’ pockets to help with the cost of living. That’s a stronger province.”

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