Cam Broten wins leaders’ debate

New Democrat Leader Cam Broten won Wednesday night’s leaders’ debate, demonstrating the strength in leadership Saskatchewan needs and highlighting the growing divide between the priorities of everyday Saskatchewan families and those of Brad Wall’s Sask. Party.

“When Mr. Wall came to office, he inherited a resource boom, a balanced budget and a $2 billion Rainy Day Fund. All of that’s gone. Wasted on sketchy land deals, Lean consultants, P3s, and the wrong priorities,” said Broten. “Mr. Wall refused to release a budget before this election, because he doesn’t want you to know what he’ll cut next. I believe we can do better in Saskatchewan.”

Broten added to the New Democrats’ growing momentum as he laid out his concrete plan to cut Sask. Party waste, put money back in the pockets of everyday families and fix and invest in health care and education. Outshining Wall, Broten showed viewers how he plans to make Saskatchewan stronger for middle-class families, fairer for people working hard to get ahead, and kinder to our children and grandparents.

“Mr. Wall says we need to keep Saskatchewan strong but just how strong has he left us? He spent us into deficit, drained our Rainy Day Fund, cut health care, education and seniors care, and now he’s hiding the budget,” said Broten. “I’ll stop the Sask Party cuts. I’ll keep what’s working and I’ll fix what’s wrong. That’s a stronger province.”

Noting that this election is about choosing the leader who can be trusted to protect health care and education while putting the priorities of everyday families ahead of their friends and consultants, Broten closed the debate with one final question for the people of Saskatchewan who may have still been considering voting for Mr. Wall, “If he won’t trust you with his budget, how on earth can he expect you to trust him with your vote?”

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