Petition: We need minimum care standards to improve Long-Term Care

Everyone deserves to age with dignity

That includes high-quality, compassionate, public long-term care for all who need it.

In 2011, the Sask Party scrapped minimum care standards in long-term care, and staffing levels, care hours, and health care for seniors have been sliding ever since.

We’ve pushed back, but TWICE they’ve voted down our bill to re-establish long-term care standards.

Now, COVID-19 has laid bare Canada’s long-term care crisis, and Saskatchewan is not immune. 

We need to act now.

We need legislated minimum care standards, more public options, and a long-term care system that puts our seniors first.

Will you sign our petition to improve long-term care homes for our seniors?

Will you sign?

Introduce minimum care standards to improve Long-Term Care

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