ADD YOUR NAME: We need affordable child care.

We need affordable child care now, more than ever.

That's why we're introducing $25/day child care and adding new spaces as a key part of our platform. 

Why? It's not just because families deserve quality and affordable care (because they do!) it's also a smart way to help support our economic recovery.

Every $1 invested in child care drives up to $6 in economic activity.

The NDP plan includes:

  • Transitioning existing spaces to $25/day;
  • Creating 2,200 new spaces at $25/day each year over 4 years; and
  • Assembling a panel of experts, workers, and families to improve our early learning and childcare system from the bottom up

Smart, people-first policies is what we are all about.

Will you sign?

Add your name to the petition if you support $25/day child care for our province!