Pledge to vote for Saskatchewan teachers and students.

In the last eight years, only one extra classroom teacher position was added to all of Saskatchewan’s 27 school divisions, combined.

Enrolment has risen by 15,000 students. That’s one single classroom teacher for 15,000 students.

This is a complete underinvestment in our province by Scott Moe and his tired Sask. Party. Classrooms are overcrowded, and our children aren’t getting the attention and care they deserve.

We need a government that will invest in working families and the future of Saskatchewan. Scott Moe has proven that he won’t do that. Carla Beck has a plan to get our province back on track. Together, we’ll deliver stable investment for our kids’ schools, to give them the best future possible.

Will you pledge to vote for Carla Beck and the Saskatchewan NDP this year, so we can invest in education and our children’s futures?

Will you sign?