Stop the cuts to our classrooms

Will you sign?

  • The Sask Party cut 54 million dollars from our kids' classrooms in the devastating 2017-18 budget.
  • The 2018-19 budget only restores a fraction of last year’s devastating 54 million dollar cut to classrooms.

We must...

Increase student and teacher supports

Students and teachers are not being supported. Over the past five years, there has been an increase of 10,000 students with only 44 additional Educational Assistants. Everything from busses for kindergarteners to programs for special needs children are under attack.

Fix crumbling infrastructure

Cut after cut and improperly funded schools have led to infrastructure and facilities that are crumbling across the province. We need to stop failing our children and invest in school maintenance and cleaning. 

Adapt our classrooms

Teachers are being stretched to the limit by increasingly crowded and complex classrooms. Across Saskatchewan, increasing class sizes are compounding the difficulties faced in the classroom. The Sask. Party government has refused to track or cap classroom sizes to help deal with changing classrooms.

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