Add your name. Stand up for our Crowns

Saskatchewan’s Crown Corporations are drivers of innovation, good employers, important sources of revenue, and strong pillars of a healthy, diversified economy.

Each year, our Crowns return hundreds of millions in dividends to pay for schools, roads, and hospitals.

Despite promises to protect our Crowns, the Sask Party government shut down and sold off STC, and had plans to put other Crowns like SaskTel and SGI on the chopping block.

The Sask Party government continues to gut our Crown Corporations by contracting out Crown jobs and services including contracts for SaskTel installations being given to an Alberta company, SGI rebates being printed in Ontario and SaskPower’s new natural gas plant being built by a company in Kansas.

Will you sign?

Will you stand up for our Crown Corporations?

The Sask Party government must start protecting our Crown Corporations, stop contracting out jobs and services that should be in the hands of Saskatchewan people, and invest in our Crowns to help drive our economic recovery.

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