Dan Hiscock, school counsellor, to run for NDP in Kelvington-Wadena

Dan Hiscock, a school counsellor with the Horizon School Division, was nominated by New Democrats Thursday to run for the NDP in the next provincial election.

“Dan’s dedication to giving families and all young people the tools to succeed is a quality that’s going to make him an excellent MLA,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten. “I keep hearing that people in the region are tired of being taken for granted. They need an MLA that really listens, that shares their values, and that is focused on their priorities.

“The Sask. Party blew through Saskatchewan’s resource wealth, drained the rainy day fund during sunny years, and didn’t save a dime. Now, they're running a deficit budget, and racking up debt, but Mr. Wall won't even be transparent with Saskatchewan people about how bad his deficit is or what he's planning to cut next.

“We need people like Dan in the legislature to keep the priorities in order. Instead of the Sask. Party’s five-star hotels and unnecessary trips, let’s have more educational assistants in classrooms. Instead of bloated upper-management and consultants in health care, let’s have enough health-care staff at bedsides to improve care and cut wait times.”

Hiscock’s life experience – called “inspiring” by Broten – includes years of service in Canada’s Armed Forces, for which he received a special services medal. Once an at-risk youth, Hiscock completed his post-secondary education and dedicated his life to working with families and at-risk youth.

“The Sask. Party has changed. They have the wrong priorities, and it’s clear that families, students and seniors just aren’t their priority anymore,” said Hiscock. “We shouldn’t be in this situation in the first place, after a decade of resource boom. But the Sask. Party cuts – from classrooms to ERs – make no sense when there’s so much waste they should be cutting instead.”

Hiscock has been a counsellor with the Horizon School Division for 10 years. He and his wife, who have one adult son who works with the Yorkton Film Festival, live at North Shore Fishing Lake. 

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