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Get Big Money out of Politics in Saskatchewan - Sign the Petition

We, the undersigned residents of the province of Saskatchewan, wish to bring to your attention the following:

  • That Saskatchewan’s outdated Election Act allows corporations, unions, and individuals (even those outside the province) to make unlimited donations to our province’s political parties; 

  • That the federal government and the provinces of: Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec and Nova Scotia have moved to limit this influence and level the playing field by banning corporate and union donations to political parties; 

  • That the people of Saskatchewan deserve to live in a fair province where all voices are equal and money can't influence politics; 

  • That over the past 10 years, the Saskatchewan Party has received $12.61 million in corporate donations, of that, $2.87 million coming from companies outside Saskatchewan[1]; 

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Petition to Get Big Money Out of Saskatchewan Politics

We the undersigned respectfully request that the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan: Call on the Saskatchewan Party Government to overhaul Saskatchewan's campaign finance laws: to end out-of-province donations; to put a ban on donations from corporations and unions; and to put a donation limit on individual donations.

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