End overcrowded classrooms

  • There are 70 schools in the province which are already overcapacity because of the millions cut from education by the Sask. Party government;
  • The Sask. Party government is not monitoring or regulating class sizes, and has no upper limit on how large they can be;
  • Classrooms have grown to as large as 30, 40, or even more students;
  • Overcapacity classrooms lead to a difficult learning environment for students; and
  • School divisions are being forced to dip into their reserves and make cuts, making the problem even worse.

“The needs in the classroom are growing more and more complex, but budgets are becoming more and more strained. We need to be helping teachers put students first, not make their jobs more difficult.” - Carla Beck, Saskatchewan NDP Education Critic

Will you sign?


Authorized by the chief official agent for the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party.