Our fight for better starts now

We’re ready to fight for better this fall!

After our historic by-election success this summer, we’re gearing up to return for this fall’s legislative session stronger and better than ever. And we’re counting on you to help us take on the deep pockets of dark money propping up Scott Moe’s tired Sask. Party.

Our 2023 annual Convention is coming up on October 27th to 29th, where thousands of Saskatchewan New Democrats will gather together to plan and train for the campaigns to come. And we’ll be nominating more new candidates for the 2024 election this fall, too.

But before that, we have the chance to continue pushing forward and building on all of this summer’s momentum. Will you support our fight for hardworking families and help us make this Convention our best one yet?

This fall is full of opportunities. Help us make the most of them.

Chip in by the September 29th End-Of-Quarter Deadline.



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