Even Sask. Party By-Election Candidate Opposes Sask. Party Cuts

Today Yens Pedersen, the NDP candidate in the Regina Northeast by-election, called on his opponent to reiterate his past support for the NDP’s position that the Sask. Party should “reverse the senseless cuts to our kids’ classrooms and to stop making families, teachers, and everyone who works to support our education pay the price for the Sask. Party’s mismanagement, scandal and waste.”

Ever since the Sask. Party tabled their disastrous budgets in 2017 and 2018, there has been a massive backlash from people across Saskatchewan to the cuts to libraries, education, health care programs, and municipalities.

Thousands of Saskatchewan residents have signed an NDP petition calling on the government to reverse education cuts – including Gary Grewal, the Sask. Party candidate in the Regina Northeast by-election.

“Even the Sask. Party’s own by-election candidate opposed their cuts to education,” said Pedersen.  “As part of the NDP team, I’ll be fighting hard to reverse those cuts. With school budgets still $24 million below 2016 levels, will Mr. Grewal stand by his signature, or will he toe the Sask. Party line?”

“Mr. Grewal owes the people of Regina Northeast an answer. Why is he running for the Sask. Party if he disagrees with their decisions?” Pedersen said.

To see a copy of the petition click here.