Filmmaker and educator Brenda Shenher nominated in Wood River

Award-winning film costume designer, educator and journalist Brenda Shenher was confirmed Saturday as the New Democrat candidate in the Wood River constituency. 

“I’m thrilled to welcome Brenda to the team,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten. “She’s passionate about Saskatchewan, and as a successful film-industry worker, she knows first-hand how the Sask. Party’s short-sighted decision to scrap the film employment credit and decimate the film industry did real damage. They hurt our economic diversity, lost jobs and investment, and forced the workers and families that paid the mortgage with those great jobs to pay for the Sask. Party’s stubbornness.

“I believe Saskatchewan is just scratching the surface of our incredible potential. It's time to give every child the education and opportunity to reach their full potential, and give young people more thriving industries to build their careers in, right here at home. From the film industry to green technologies and research and development, we need to be doing so much more to build a stronger Saskatchewan.” 

Shenher’s professional focus is on costume design for feature films and television – a job she’s done in Canada, the United States, Japan and Europe. She has also worked in promotions and publicity for MCA Records, and for concert promotion companies in western Canada.

Shenher has a strong history of public service and volunteerism. She has served on the boards of directors for SaskCulture as well as for the Child Care Centre Co-Op. She was a member of the Sask FilmPool Cooperative and the Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association, and has volunteered for many other organizations in her community, including the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils.

Her work is in-demand around the world, but Shenher makes her home in Assiniboia, near the family farm she grew up on.

“I’m so proud to be on Cam Broten’s team of candidates, because I’m a big believer in his vision for the province,” said Shenher

“The Sask. Party has really lost its way. They’re taking rural Saskatchewan for granted. They’re more and more focused on themselves instead of families like mine. And they just don’t seem to understand that the rising cost of living, and the cuts to our health care and classrooms – those cuts are painful. 

“When Saskatchewan’s economy was booming, they cut health care and made life a bit less affordable – how can we trust them now that times are tough?

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