Tell Scott Moe: Saskatchewan Needs a Break

Scott Moe is a premier for the privileged few. It’s time to let him know that the rest of us need a break.

As working families continue to struggle through the worst affordability crisis in generations, Scott Moe and his out-of-touch Sask. Party are making things worse.

They refuse to meet with teachers at the bargaining table. They have the worst job creation record in the country. And while other provinces reduce or suspend gas taxes, the Sask. Party won’t budge a dime.

Meanwhile, the Sask. Party has been using our hard earned tax money to make lavish international trips, like Dustin Duncan’s last trip to Paris where he went on a Limo Tour. Sounds like budget-friendly travelling, right? NOPE.

Together, let’s tell Scott Moe that it’s time to put the people of this province ahead of him and his cronies. Tell Scott Moe you need a break today!

Will you sign?