Good Jobs

Saskatchewan workers and businesses are doing their part – growing our province and delivering good news for our economy – but the Sask. Party isn't holding up its end of the bargain.

The Sask. Party has been wasting an incredible opportunity to diversify our economy so we can end the boom-and-bust cycle and ensure our prosperity is sustainable for the long-term.

Natural resource jobs and the money that resources put into Saskatchewan's economy are a gift; but the Sask. Party has put all our eggs in one basket.

Ryan Meili wants more eggs and more baskets. He’ll deliver tons of good, mortgage-paying jobs by encouraging growth in knowledge-based fields like research, science and technology, advancing clean energy, and investing in arts and culture, including film and television.

Ryan Meili's New Democrats are committed to:

  • Fixing this government's flawed procurement policy, which keeps handing contracts to out-of-province and out-of-country corporations, while Saskatchewan businesses are looking for work.
  • Delivering more education and training opportunities for all Saskatchewan people, including in First Nations and Métis communities.
  • Restoring a film and employment tax credit, to rebuild the film industry in our province.
  • Investing in clean energy projects throughout Saskatchewan.
  • Diversifying our economy through government leadership and wise investments.
  • Promoting the value of local businesses with a monthly Buy Local Day.


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