Support Good Jobs for the Future

Will you sign?

Natural resource jobs and the money that resources put into Saskatchewan's economy are a gift; but the Sask. Party has put all our eggs in one basket.

Now that the resource-based economy is again in a downturn, it's workers that are going to be paying the price for Brad Wall's lack of vision.

It's time for more eggs and more baskets. Let's get off the resource roller coaster and deliver tons of good, mortgage-paying jobs by encouraging growth in knowledge-based fields like research, science and technology, advancing clean energy, and investing in arts and culture, including film and television.

Saskatchewan workers and businesses are doing their part – growing our province and delivering good news for our economy – but they need a partner in the provincial government who gets that the economy doesn't revolve around one sector alone.

Let's ensure prosperity for the long term, sign on to support a plan that will create the good-paying jobs of the future right here in Saskatchewan.