What are this government's guiding principles?

The third listed guiding principle for the Sask Party is "Steady, gradual reduction in government spending and taxation while maintaining a firm commitment to balanced budgets;" and yet we've seen an increase in government spending on massive mega-projects, an increase on tax (PST increase, PST on construction), as well as massively increased debt and a string of deficit budgets. The fifth listed guiding principle is "A strong social safety net which protects those who truly need support while encouraging individuals to become self sufficient;" however this government made heartless cuts to the SAID program, reduced the special dietary allowance, essentially cut the Rental Housing Supplement, and has the highest amount of people on Social Assistance in the province's history. The sixth listed guiding principle is " Democratic reform to make government more responsive to the people it serves" and yet this government has rejected the opposition's bill to get big money out of politics which would make our government work for the people and not corporate/union interests. The second guiding principle is "Smaller, less intrusive, more efficient government;" however this government elected to create 3 new MLA positions during tough economic times, all while Saskatchewan has more MLAs per 10,000 residents than most other provinces. The final listed guiding principle is "The constant improvement of Saskatchewan's economic and social conditions within a strong and united Canada." Obviously Saskatchewan's economic and social conditions have gotten worse as a direct result of this government's decisions. As well, the premier's (and his predecessor) constant vitriol towards Ottawa and stoking of western alienation have contributed to a divided Canada. What, if any, are this government's guiding principles? The Saskatchewan Party's list clearly aren't in line with the principles of this government.

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