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Time to Invest in Healthcare

It's time we got our priorities in order, and that means investing in the things that matter the most like health care for everyone in Saskatchewan. 

What the last 8 years has shown is that we simply can't afford to let the Sask Party waste valuable health spending on massive contracts for out-of-country consultants while our hospital's infrastructure degrades and our ER waits and ambulance costs skyrocket.

It's time to invest in front line workers at bedsides, specialists, and repairing those hospitals which are aging. For decades Saskatchewan has led the country when it comes to health care innovation and service delivery.

As the birthplace of medicare we owe it to ourselves to honour this tradition of supporting public healthcare for every citizen. As a province, we can't afford the cost of not tackling the problem head on, as it is already one of the most pressing issues facing us.

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