Will government invest in renewables to keep the earth healthy in a growing industry?

As an individual consumer, I find it very difficult and expensive to do my part on reducing plastic and using renewable resources, but I am finding ways by sourcing alternatives, buying locally from my community first and making my own products with fossil fuel free ingredients. What plan does our government have to put policies in place to reduce fossil fuel plastics in our household goods and replace with plant based options where required? For one example we have a large farming community that can supply the plants used in fully compostable plastics, are we going to invest in companies/technology at home to create these alternatives or continue to buy from other countries that add to the inflation of costs? When will policies be put in place to have grocery stores in our province supply meat, grains and other items with Saskatchewan grown first to reduce food miles? When will government help subsidize solar, wind etc power or put policy in place to cap the market to help citizens contribute to the capture of these resources? When will building policies change to no longer restrict a person to build large homes in good neighborhoods or acreage within commuting distance to centers of employment or new businesses to be build to meet emission standards to reduce the amount of heat and power to operate these homes? When will rural public commuting options with professional drivers be available for commuters to allow citizens to safely reduce emissions and costs, at least along busy highways to large city centers (train tracks are everywhere invest in electric options for reuse of existing infrastructure)? Farmers are going to be responsible to increase their food production to feed the world as the population grows and climate change reduces the ability to grow in various regions, they need fossil fuel alternative equipment as technology becomes available to reduce their operational costs and not add to the climate change issues. These investments to farmers, businesses, citizens are grants or incentives my tax dollars are welcome to go towards. As a mother, I'd much rather see my children working in industries that lead to the sustainablility of our earth than destroy it. Healthier for them and generations to come. Shifting away from fossil fuels doesn't mean reducing the economy, it means shifting the economy to a healthier, sustainable path. I am willing to pay more tax and a carbon fee if it results in my ability to make better choices and have them available in our province. The first step is to have a dedicated research team that can find Saskatchewan made solutions so we are building our economy not other countries. Also for alleviating my pet peeve, if you can ban the use of town water and fertilizers on lawns and encourage citizens to replace with edible plants that require less water, chemicals and time....that would be cool and save people money and allow the excess to feed out hungry! but I'm good with focusing on the economic benefits first.

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