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Improve our Pipelines

  • Saskatchewan has 100,000 km of pipelines and flowlines;

  • Increased demand for Saskatchewan steel will protect good jobs in Saskatchewan;

  • The provincial auditor noted that there were ongoing problems in pipeline regulation in the province;

  • In 2017, the Husky oil spill caused upwards of $100 million in cleanup, caused damage to wildlife, and meant that some communities couldn't even access water;

  • New pipe manufactured at Evraz steel plant emits less carbon dioxide than most other plants, and old pipe can be recycled in to new pipe once it has been replaced.

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Petition calling for best before dates on pipelines to create jobs and protect public safety

We the undersigned join Ryan Meili and the Saskatchewan NDP in calling on the provincial government to adopt a plan to set best before dates to improve our pipelines with Saskatchewan steel.

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