Help us win three key ridings

Chip in to our By-Election Victory Fund by June 30

This summer we have a huge opportunity to fight back against the Sask. Party and show that Saskatchewan is ready for change.

Just like we came together to elect Nathaniel Teed last year, we need to come together now to win by-elections in three key ridings: Regina Coronation Park, Regina Walsh Acres, and Lumsden-Morse.

Together, we can turn these ridings orange and take three big steps towards building a better, more affordable Saskatchewan for all of us. But every penny counts in the race against the Sask. Party’s big corporate donors. To win these by-elections, we all need to dig deep and chip in what we can before our end-of-quarter fundraising deadline.

So don’t wait — chip in before midnight on June 30 to help us win Regina Coronation Park, Regina Walsh Acres, and Lumsden-Morse.



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