Kaytlyn Criddle nominated in Regina Wascana Plains

Regina Wascana Plains New Democrats have selected Kaytlyn Criddle, a health policy analyst, to be their candidate in the next provincial election.

“Kaytlyn is a fantastic addition to the team, and she’s going to be an excellent MLA,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten, who attended the nomination meeting. “She’s focused on issues that really matter to families in east Regina and area, and on common sense solutions that are really forward-looking.

“There are many concerns about safety on Highway 1 east of Regina and area residents have been calling for practical solutions. Classroom sizes need to be capped so no student goes without the one-on-one attention they need and deserve in growing communities. Seniors in care homes need regulated minimum care standards and more staff so both their health and their dignity are cared for. These are the things I hear from families, and they’re the things Kaytlyn is running to take action on.”

Criddle believes it’s time for an MLA for Regina Wascana Plains that listens.

“People and families should be the foundation of a government’s decisions,” said Criddle. “I’m excited about Cam Broten’s plan to ensure it’s not just about the province doing well, but also about people doing well. Everyday families deserve to benefit more from Saskatchewan’s economy. We deserve a government that listens, and we deserve a government that puts more time and investment into the things that matter to us all.

“That means a focus on things like emergency room wait times, highway safety, seniors care and our kids’ classrooms.”

For Criddle, the Wascana Plains constituency is home. She attended White City and Pilot Butte schools, as well as Balgonie’s Greenall High School. She graduated from the University of Regina, and the Coady International Institute in Nova Scotia. She has worked in northern Ghana as well as in South America to support the development of small-scale farming operations. She is an alumnus of the prestigious Saskatchewan Legislative Internship Program. She now works as a health policy analyst.


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