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Stop the cuts to our Libraries

  • Along with their many other senseless budget cuts, the Sask. Party government heartlessly slashed over 50% of funding provided to regional libraries;
  • This cut fails families- closing many of our local libraries, and hurting those that are left;
  • Libraries are the foundation of our communities. Not only do they instill a lifelong love of literacy in our children, they provide essential programs and services that people, including seniors and newcomers, depend on;
  • These crippling cuts to libraries will result in devastating job losses, branch closures, reduction of hours, and program cuts; 
  • Libraries are vital to both our rural and urban communities, and these cuts will have damaging effects on families throughout the province. 
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Petition to stop the Sask. Party cuts to our libraries

We the undersigned want the Sask. Party government to reverse their heartless and senseless cuts to libraries, and commit to restoring the funding for these valuable community hubs that provide essential programming for our children, our seniors, and all residents of Saskatchewan. 

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