Where's the Money?

You know the people who inherit a fortune and blow it all

That’s what’s happened with this government and our resource wealth.

So after 8 years of boom people are asking: where’s the money gone? Because it hasn’t made our lives better.

Instead it's gone to:  

  • LEAN - A bizarre and hugely expensive payout to consultants. Designed to make our hospitals more like car factories. Automated, dehumanized, and with less personal attention and care.

  • American consultants - lining the pockets of Brad Wall's friends south of the border.

  • Japanese sensei - spending over $3000 a day to force front line medical staff to fold paper cranes.

  • Smart meters - poorly planned, poorly implemented, and now you're paying for their mistakes.

  • Limousines for Sask Party cabinet ministers - fostering a culture of entitlement and privilege.

This kind of waste robs everyone of a better province. You deserve a government that invests in your priorities.

Because everyone should benefit from Saskatchewan’s prosperity.

Are you ready for change?