Why isn't government investing in (re)building schools in an accountable, transparent manner?

I understand that 50% of the province's schools are over 50 years old and are reaching the end of their useful life. New construction/renovation could even create many jobs for construction workers, etc. but with no investment in capital projects and these buildings reaching the end of their life where are our children going to learn and will those environments be safe? In the 2018-2019 Provincial Budget, the government states that there are 3 major Priority Investment areas that the province spends money on; health, education, and social services. People don't mind spending money on healthcare but they don't like spending money on education - even though it has been proven that all members of society benefit from public education. I recently reviewed some of the Report (I'm unsure of the title) by Commissioner Ray Boughen (~2003/2004) and a discussion paper on the Saskatchewan School Boards Association website titled Funding K-12 Public Education in Saskatchewan: Some Ideas - A Discussion Paper written by Ernie Dawson, both of which propose some interesting ideas on how to fund education. The discussion paper questioned why people don't like to pay for education but they don't feel the same way about healthcare spending. The author hypothesized that perhaps it is because people see a reference to education taxes on their property tax bills. If the government was to change the way people view property taxes by showing that the taxes simply go to different levels of government (ie: ×% for municipal taxes and y% for provincial taxes) then education would not be seen as a burden to homeowners. This changes the way people view education spending by aligning it with health spending (ie: if a need is established one looks at it from the perspective that we can address it from general revenue rather than it being a burden on taxpayers.) Another idea that I came across in the Boughen Commission Report (~2003) which I liked was that the government should look at dedicating 1% of the PST to funding education rather than using property tax revenue. I like this idea and think it could be taken even further by dedicating 1 % of the PST to each of the Priority Investment areas (3% total) and that way all residents of the province (whether they rent or own) would contribute to paying for these essential services. Sorry for the rant, but times are tough and they are only going to get worse if we don't start doing something now. Thank you for your time.

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