“This crisis taught us about how our communities work together to support one another,” McCorriston said. “But I haven’t seen that from the government. Our seniors’ care is bad and declining, our rural hospitals are under immense pressures, and this government’s only answer is to cut, cut, and cut again. That’s not the way to a strong and resilient province.”

Born and raised in Tisdale, Rod is an experienced and local community leader. A hard-worker his whole life, Rod spent over twenty years with the Department of Highways and Transportation helping to coordinate highway maintenance in the Carrot River Valley constituency and across Saskatchewan. For the last ten years, Rod has worked to help make sure Saskatchewan workers get a fair shake, serving as the Director of Labour Relations for the Saskatchewan Government and General Employees Union. 

Latest News

Meili: Saskatchewan New Democrats to put people first in Prince Albert

Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili visited Prince Albert today - the day after the Saskatchewan election was launched - with a promise to invest in the people of Prince Albert and area, and stand against the Sask. Party’s agenda of austerity and cuts.

“In the last six months, Saskatchewan families have been through a lot. We’re fighting the COVID crisis together,” said Meili. “But even before the pandemic hit, life here was getting harder. People are stretched and stressed and finding it more difficult to make ends meet. Scott Moe and the Sask. Party are satisfied with the way things are – and are taking Prince Albert for granted. That’s not right. It’s time to put people first – starting right here in P.A.”

Ryan Meili to bring tax fairness to Saskatchewan

NDP Leader Ryan Meili committed today to bring tax fairness to Saskatchewan by introducing a wealth tax of 1% on those with net worth of over $15 million. This measure would bring in $120 million annually to the General Revenue Fund to help pay for:

  • Health care where and when you need it;
  • Safer schools and smaller class sizes;
  • Fixing long-term care and expanding home care to help seniors stay at home.