Statement: Ryan Meili Calls on Scott Moe to Answer for Daryl Cooper’s Comments on SaskTel Privatization

“This campaign is about who will put people first - and who will protect health care, education and our Crown corporations.

The answer for Saskatchewan families is clear. Scott Moe’s candidate in Saskatoon Eastview, Daryl Cooper, has called for the privatization of SaskTel. In a letter to the Saskatoon StarPhoenix, Mr. Cooper states: ‘SaskTel is not an essential service and should be sold, at the very minimum 49 per cent of it.’ 

This is not the right approach - and it puts all of our Crowns at risk.

Scott Moe would be well aware of these comments. Cooper’s letter was published in November 2017. He was acclaimed as the Sask. Party candidate for Saskatoon Eastview in June 2019. 

Scott Moe’s agenda of cuts and privatization couldn’t be more clear. The Sask. Party rolled out the red carpet for companies to bid on SGI and SaskTel. And we know they will do it again.

The people of Saskatchewan deserve an answer from Scott Moe: What is the Sask. Party’s real plan to privatize our crowns?”

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