Meili calls on Moe to send clear message on pandemic response

Saskatchewan has been fortunate to see decreased numbers of new cases of COVID-19 in recent days. A number of factors, including public willingness to cooperate with the necessary measures, have contributed to our province’s success. For that success to continue, NDP Leader Ryan Meili is emphasizing that we need clear and consistent messaging from provincial leaders on the continued need for physical distancing measures.

“How Saskatchewan people respond in the coming days and weeks will make all the difference in our outcomes. Now is not the time for mixed messages. For the Premier to start talking about relaxing the important measures we’ve taken risks undermining the public cooperation we’ve seen so far." - Ryan Meili

Meili outlined a number of gaps in Saskatchewan’s response that the province must address:

 Delays in reaching full-scale testing and contact tracing.

 Lack of health care readiness, including limited supplies of Personal Protective Equipment and critical equipment needs for ICU care.

 Gaps in supports for the most vulnerable, including the homeless, those fleeing domestic violence and seniors.

 Limited availability and use of non-medical masks by the general public.

 The need for a task force of key sectoral leaders to plan the best possible ongoing response.

“The Sask. Party was underprepared when this crisis began. Let’s ensure we’re fully prepared before we consider letting our guard down.” - Ryan Meili

“What we have done so far is working. But it’s too early to say that it has worked. We’ve bought ourselves time that has saved lives and will save more lives if we’re careful. It is too soon to consider relaxing these measures.” - Ryan Meili

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