Meili to call on Moe to reopen the Legislature, in front of the Legislature

NDP Leader Ryan Meili and members of his opposition caucus gathered in front of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building today to call on the Premier to put forward a plan for the safe restoration of democratic oversight ahead of the next election.

“Before COVID-19 hit, key public services were stretched too thin, with not enough staff in emergency rooms, long-term care and overcrowded classrooms,” said Meili. “Too many people in Saskatchewan were already struggling to make ends meet. Many more are struggling now. This crisis has deepened those struggles and made action more urgent. We need a real plan from this government, not a warmed-over budget that predates the crisis. We need a plan that responds to the deep economic challenges ahead, not the Sask. Party’s usual crisis playbook of deep cuts and privatization.”

Since the pandemic began, Meili has repeatedly called on the Premier to treat the emergency as an all-hands-on-deck moment, drawing on local leaders and diverse sectors to provide the best response possible.

With the province now in Phase Two of reopening, Meili is repeating his call for the presentation and debate of a full budget, including a plan for Saskatchewan’s economic recovery.

“We are prepared to negotiate, but we expect them to clearly explain why it is not possible to introduce and fully debate their budget, if that is part of the proposal they put forward” said Meili. “‘It’s hard’ isn’t an excuse. Saskatchewan people know that things are hard right now and are stepping up in so many ways. We expect our leaders to do the same. We’re here and we’re ready to work.”

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