Cut Wall’s Waste. Invest in your priorities.

After nearly a decade of our sunniest economic days, the Sask. Party blew through the Rainy Day Fund and wasted hundreds of millions on their pet projects, corporate consultants and political perks.

The New Democrats will cut $178 million in Sask. Party waste in the first year alone and redirect $122 million of those savings directly into the things that really matter to Saskatchewan families.

We can cut the waste and protect public services, like health care and education.

This is how we'll build a stronger, fairer and kinder province.

Have a look at Wall’s priorities and see what we could have had instead.

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Instead of wasting:
We could have:
$80 million on Lean
960 registered nurses
1900 care aides
$100 million on private consultants
1500 teachers
2500 Education Assistants
$3 million on an American lobbyist
48 Licensed practical nurses
75 Care aides
$104 million for pay raises of back-room managers in health care
1250 registered nurses
2500 care aides
$2 million on Gravy Planes for politicians
2 primary care clinics
$7 million on excessive ministers and political staff
105 teachers
$200 million on private consultants
300 km of highway development
A Gravy Plane
An air ambulance
$47 Million for smart meters
$120 back in savings on Saskatchewan families’ utilities bills
$59 million in penalties and failed contracts paid by Sask Power
12% decrease in power bills

What has the Sask Party’s Lean scheme cost Saskatchewan families?

The Sask. Party’s costly and stubborn commitment to Lean has been an unmitigated failure.

While they’re shoveling millions and millions into Lean, ER wait times are growing longer, nurses are being laid-off, and important surgeries are being cancelled.

In fact, the only efficiency Lean brought to the system was an incredibly efficient way to waste money on private consultants.

A recent University of Saskatchewan study found that for every $1 Lean “saved,” it cost Saskatchewan tax payers $1,511.

Let’s take a look some of what Saskatchewan could have had instead of the Lean project:

For every $1 Lean “saved”
93 vaccinations
For every $1 Lean “saved”
302 Prescriptions refilled
For every $1 Lean “saved”
18 Pediatric Exams
For every $5 Lean “saved”
An ER doctor for a week
For every $8 Lean “saved”
A Nurse practitioner for a month
For every $52 Lean “saved”
A Nurse for a year