MOOSE JAW - Scott Moe made another announcement hoping people won’t remember his party’s past. Today’s announcement on the Community Rink Affordability Grant was only made possible by the Sask. Party having cut this before they announced it again. If they liked this grant so much, why did they cut it in the first place?

Brad Wall used to say, "the best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour." And when it comes to cuts and broken promises – the Sask Party’s past behaviour is pretty clear. 

Last election, they promised not to cut. But as soon as the ballots were counted, chop chop: 

  • They cut the Community Rink Affordability Grant 
  • They cut supports for the D/deaf and hard of hearing community 
  • They cut grants and supports for university students 
  • They made home renos more expensive 
  • They cut tax credits for kids’ sports and family activities 

Scott Moe is promising us more of the same – again. The question we’re asking, though, is why wouldn't we get the same result? 

Saskatchewan can do better.

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