NEWS TO MOE: Moe’s Manufacturing Tumble

Earlier this year, Ryan Meili delivered Scott Moe an in-person reality check – that the Saskatchewan economy was in a recession before the onset of COVID-19. The Premier’s response to these facts? 

The Leader of the Opposition referenced that we were in a recession previous to COVID-19. That’s news to me.” – Scott Moe, July 2, 2020, Hansard.

In hopes to keep him abreast of pertinent issues of running the province, we’ll be providing a series of short briefings to ensure Scott Moe isn’t caught flat footed by facts anymore. 

Today’s data point: Saskatchewan’s declining manufacturing sales. 

From its peak ($1,823,995,000 - May 2018) to the last reporting month ($1,030,628,000 - Jul 2020),  monthly manufacturing sales have dropped 43%.


Manufacturing sales peaked right around the time Scott Moe was elected Leader of the Saskatchewan Party and have been declining ever since. 

We just wanted to make sure Scott Moe was in the know. 

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