Momentum for Broten heading into election day

Voters want investments in health care and education, not more Sask. Party cuts

On the eve of the election, Saskatchewan’s New Democrats are feeling momentum as more and more people are rejecting the Sask. Party's planned cuts to health care and education, and choosing the NDP’s plan to fix and invest in public services instead.

Excited crowds cheered NDP Leader Cam Broten on as he visited nearly three-dozen constituencies Friday and Saturday and today supporters rallied at a family barbecue in Regina.

“Together, we can build a stronger province for middle-class families, a fairer province for people working hard to get ahead, and a kinder province for our children and grandparents,” said Broten. “I won’t change what’s working, but I'll fix what’s wrong - and that means stopping the Sask. Party’s cuts and actually fixing and investing in health care and education instead.”

During the campaign, Broten pledged to hire hundreds of nurses, care aides, teachers and educational assistants. Broten committed to comprehensive plans to reduce emergency room waits; expand Medicare to better cover mental health care; double support for early childhood intervention programs; reduce the cost of college and university; deliver lower cost utility rates; and cut income taxes for the majority of families by asking the wealthiest three per cent of individuals to pay a bit more. He also pledged to boost renewable energy and rebuild our film industry.

“There’s a lot at stake in this election – the Sask. Party's secret budget and hidden cuts, or the NDP's plan to put your priorities and your family first,” said Broten. “If Mr. Wall won't trust you with his budget, how can he expect you to trust him with your vote? Tomorrow, we can say no to more Sask. Party cuts and, together, we can build a stronger, fairer and kinder Saskatchewan.”

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