Scott Moe makes life more expensive for Saskatchewan families

In Prince Albert today, Saskatchewan New Democrat Leader Ryan Meili highlighted Scott Moe’s failed record on affordability. Over the last four years, skyrocketing power bills, PST hikes and growing user fees have hurt Saskatchewan families. And their plan for more cuts over the next four years will make life even harder. 

“So far in this campaign, Scott Moe has tried to hide from his record of cuts. But the fact remains that under his leadership, life has gotten more expensive for families,” said Meili. “Now, in the midst of a global pandemic, when families and businesses are hurt and struggling, the Sask.Party’s reckless program of cuts is downright irresponsible.” 

Under Premier Moe, household power bills have shot up 57 per cent, people are paying more for school fees, health care fees, and prescription drugs, and his job-killing PST hike is costing the average family $700 more per year. Worse yet, in August his government laid out a plan to force austerity budgets and cuts for the next four years.  

“The choice in this election is clear: the Sask. Party’s campaign of cuts, or the New Democrats’ commitment to making the crucial investments families need now,” said Meili. “The New Democrat plan will slash insurance costs, boost wages and support families where they need it, all while putting money back in their pockets.”

Saskatchewan New Democrats will make life more affordable by:

  • Implementing a $15/hour minimum wage
  • Making child care accessible and affordable through a $25/day child care plan and adding 2,200 new spaces per year, an increase of 50 percent
  • Reducing auto insurance premiums by $85 and providing a rebate of $100 for every vehicle insured through SGI.

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