Carla Streeton is a mother of three and a prekindergarten/kindergarten teacher who has served the community of Warman for the past six years.  She is a proud “play-based” educator and has been an advocate for best practices in Early Learning as a provincial facilitator for learning through play.

Carla was born and raised in Melfort, Saskatchewan.  She is the daughter of a retired public health nurse and an elementary school principal/farmer.  As a teacher, Carla has also served the communities of Nipawin, and Allan. 

Carla has seen how the ongoing, devastating cuts to education in our province are affecting children, teachers, and families in Saskatchewan.

She believes that the cuts to our classrooms need to stop. We need to invest in our children’s education and their future.

Carla believes that we need a government that listens to parents, teachers, and grandparents.  We need a government that puts people first.

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