NDP Leader Cam Broten nominated at big celebration

Cam Broten, Leader of Saskatchewan’s New Democrats, was formally nominated in the constituency of Saskatoon Westview on Saturday at a large celebration in Saskatoon.

Broten, who is running for premier, addressed the crowd to accept the nomination after being introduced by his wife, Ruth Eliason. He said the NDP is focused on three things heading into the election.

“Cutting the Sask. Party’s waste. Putting money in middle-class families’ pockets. And fixing and investing in things we count on – like health care and our kids’ classrooms.”

Broten told the crowd the Sask. Party let the province down in good times by failing to save money and invest in things that matter; and that the province can’t afford the Sask. Party in tough times, referencing deficit and cuts that have already started, and more on the horizon should the Sask. Party have the chance.

“For me, it’s not just about the province doing well – it’s about people doing well. And that’s where the Sask. Party has really lost their way,” he said. “They choose foreign corporations to build our province – not businesses here at home. They spend recklessly on their pet projects – and ignore your priorities. They make consultants rich – and cut your services. They privatize health care and tell you to pay – or wait longer.

“Mr. Wall says we need to keep Saskatchewan strong. But how strong has he left us? He has no money left after a decade of resource boom. He won’t tell us how deep his deficit is. He refuses to release a budget. And he won’t tell us what he’ll cut next.

“Mr. Wall might call that strong. I call that wrong.”

Broten and Eliason are raising three daughters – aged 5, 3 and 1, and the couple is expecting another baby this summer.

Broten was born in Regina and spent his early years in La Loche, Green Lake, Meadow Lake and La Ronge before his family settled in Saskatoon. He holds an International Studies degree from the University of Saskatchewan and a Master's degree in Political Science from Simon Fraser University.

Prior to becoming an MLA, Cam worked as a health policy manager for the Saskatchewan Medical Association and a policy analyst with Saskatchewan Culture, Youth and Recreation. He also served as an elected board member with the Saskatoon Co-op.

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