New TV ads show Cam Broten’s priorities

Two new television commercials began airing Sunday, highlighting the priorities of Cam Broten and his New Democrat team.

“This election is going to be about choosing a leader that shares your family’s priorities,” said NDP deputy leader Trent Wotherspoon. “Now that times are tight, who can you trust to protect health care and education? Who will make your life more affordable, instead of making their friends and consultants richer?

“Cam’s plan is to cut the Sask. Party’s waste and entitlements, put more money in the pockets of everyday families, and fix the things we all count on.”

The ads show Broten with supporters, and spending time with his wife and three daughters.

“For me, it’s not just about the province doing well, it’s about people doing well,” Broten is heard saying in one ad. “And that’s really where the Sask. Party has lost its way. Mr. Wall says that we need to keep Saskatchewan strong, but how strong has he left us? He has no money left after a decade resource boom. He refuses to release a budget. And he won’t tell us what he’ll cut next. Mr. Wall might call that strong – I call that wrong.

“I want to make Saskatchewan stronger. Stronger for middle-class families. Fairer for people working hard to get ahead. Kinder to our children and to our grandparents.”

Saskatchewan’s election will be held April 4. Broten has been laying out his priorities through key commitments in his plan.

He promised to end the massive over-reliance the Sask. Party has on private consultants, saving $244 million in the first term alone. He also promised to shut down the government’s personal airplane service, savings millions more.

He detailed a tax cut for middle-class families, and a plan to lower the price of utility bills through Saskatchewan’s Crown corporations.

And Broten laid out a plan to make emergency room wait times shorter and expand mental health care support, especially for children and youth.

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