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Michael Karras will be NDP’s candidate in Saskatoon Southeast

Vice-principal and special education teacher Michael Karras has been chosen by New Democrats in the Saskatoon Southeast constituency to be their candidate in the next provincial election.

"I’m so pleased to welcome Michael to the team of New Democrat candidates," said NDP Leader Cam Broten, who spoke at Sunday’s Saskatoon Southeast nomination meeting. "He’s devoted his life to Saskatchewan’s future, through his work as a teacher, through his volunteer work and, of course, as a dad. His future-focused attitude and his commitment to stand up for what matters to Saskatchewan people today will make Michael a strong representative for Saskatoon Southeast families."

Regina Rochdale chooses Brett Estey to be NDP candidate

New Democrats living in Regina Rochdale in the city’s northwest have selected Brett Estey to be their NDP candidate in the next provincial election.

NDP Leader Cam Broten attended the nomination meeting to welcome Estey to the team.

"Brett grew up in Rochdale, he lives here and he will be a strong voice for the families in the community," said Broten. "With a huge passion for giving young people in the Rochdale area the opportunities they deserve, Brett is going to be a tireless fighter for improving education."

Shayne Lazarowich chosen to run in Prince Albert Carlton

Shayne Lazarowich, executive director of the Prince Albert Multicultural Council (PAMC), will be the NDP’s candidate in Prince Albert Carlton in the next provincial election.


Lazarowich was chosen by New Democrats in the constituency in a contested nomination vote Thursday evening.


“Shayne will be an excellent MLA for Prince Albert Carlton families,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten, who attended the nomination meeting and welcomed Lazarowich to the team of NDP candidates. Broten pointed to Prince Albert families’ need for better representation."


Melville-Saltcoats New Democrats nominate Leonard Dales

New Democrats in the Melville-Saltcoats constituency nominated farmer and health-facility maintenance power engineer Leonard Dales as the NDP candidate in the next provincial election.

Dales was selected as the candidate at a contested nomination meeting Saturday afternoon.

“I’m so pleased to welcome Leonard to our team of candidates,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten. “He knows the community, and he cares about the things that really matter to families in this area, like developing a comprehensive anti-flooding strategy, repairing highways, fixing the basics in hospitals and seniors care homes, and ensuring that government stops adding to the cost-of-living squeeze that so many families are struggling with.”

Nicole Sarauer chosen as NDP’s candidate in Regina Douglas Park

Nicole Sarauer, a well-known pro bono lawyer and Regina Catholic School Board trustee, has been selected to be the NDP’s candidate in Regina Douglas Park.

Sarauer was chosen Thursday night at a contested nomination. NDP Leader Cam Broten said Sarauer is a great choice for the NDP team of candidates, and for families in Regina Douglas Park.

“Nicole exercises her compassion using common sense and a great deal of wisdom,” said Broten. “As a pro bono lawyer and as a school board trustee, her commitment to ensuring everyone is given a fair chance to get ahead and fulfill their potential is fantastic.”

Ted Jaleta will be NDP’s candidate in Regina Coronation Park

Ted Jaleta, a well-known coach, inspirational speaker and volunteer community leader in Regina, will be an NDP candidate in the next provincial election.

Jaleta was nominated Wednesday evening in the constituency of Regina Coronation Park.

“Ted cares deeply about Saskatchewan families, and for years has been absolutely devoted to making Saskatchewan a better place for all people,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten, who joined Jaleta Wednesday night to welcome him to the team of NDP candidates. “He’s truly an inspiring person, and he’s going to be an incredible MLA.”

Jesse Todd to be New Democrat candidate for Saskatoon Eastview

Jesse Todd was selected Monday to be the New Democratic candidate in Saskatoon Eastview in the next provincial election.

Todd works with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and was also the driving force behind Howard’s Law, a new law which created an accessible directory of public buildings containing asbestos. The law is the first of its kind in Canada, and makes Saskatchewan a leader in the prevention of asbestos-related diseases.

“Jesse is great addition to the NDP team,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten. “By working with him on Howard’s Law, I got to know Jesse as a caring, effective leader who is skilled at building bridges between people and passionate about making everyday life better for people.”

NDP Deputy Leader Trent Wotherspoon nominated in Rosemont

Trent Wotherspoon, the MLA for Regina Rosemont and deputy leader of the official Opposition, will run again in Regina Rosemont in the next provincial election. Wotherspoon was nominated, uncontested, at a joint nomination meeting on Tuesday.

“Trent is an incredible deputy leader, and an absolutely tireless advocate for the people of Regina Rosemont,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten, who attended the nomination. “He’s consistently fighting for all Saskatchewan people, working for students and better education and holding the government to account on critical issues like this government’s smart meter fiasco. And, he never misses an opportunity to stand up for the people of his own constituency. With issues like the heavy-haul traffic problems on Dewdney, you can bet Trent knocked on every door on that stretch of Dewdney to listen to people, and ask them what change they want and need.”

Warren McCall nominated again in Regina Elphinstone-Centre

Warren McCall will be the NDP’s candidate in Regina Elphinstone-Centre in the next election.

McCall was selected at an uncontested nomination meeting Tuesday evening.

“Warren is a very important member of our team at the legislature, and he plays an incredibly valuable role in Elphinstone-Centre as an advocate and a voice for his community and the families that live there,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten, who attended the nomination meeting.

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