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Sask. Party must stop forcing SaskPower rate hikes

Even after forcing four rate hikes in last two years, the Sask. Party’s mismanagement, scandal and waste have caused SaskPower to once again look for yet another 5 per cent rate increase

Saskatoon unemployment highest in more than two decades

Saskatchewan only province outside Atlantic Canada with higher unemployment than last year

Sask. Party eliminate support for seniors living with disabilities

With their latest cold and heartless cut, the Sask. Party are eliminating a provincial support for seniors living with disabilities.

REALITY CHECK: Sask. Party jump the shark on ‘capital flight’, refuse to let the facts get in the way of their argument

Would you take economic advice from someone who lost 40 per cent of his investor’s money in just 6 months?

Sask. Party candidate puts Sask. Party before Saskatoon families

The candidate the Sask. Party will nominate tonight for the upcoming by-election in Saskatoon Fairview will have to answer for his defense of his party’s cuts to education. He knows the consequences of these deep cuts well as he sat on a school board that was forced to make cuts in classrooms and to programs – including for children who are living with disabilities.

Sask. Party must come clean about plans to sell-off senior’s housing

The Sask. Party’s plans to sell-off affordable housing units for seniors in rural Saskatchewan is the latest in their desperate search for short-term cash grabs. 

Saskatchewan needs a sexual assault strategy: NDP

While Sexual assaults, at all levels of severity, are rising throughout the province, Saskatchewan remains the only province without a sexual assault strategy and the Sask. Party has left the Status of Women’s office without a director for months.

Mowat to represent NDP in Saskatoon Fairview By-election

For Immediate Release

July 24, 2017

Mowat to represent NDP in upcoming by-election

Saskatoon - New Democrats gathered in a packed hall this evening and selected Vicki Mowat to be their candidate in the upcoming by-election in Saskatoon Fairview.   

“The Sask. Party has made heartless cuts to the services people rely on in this province and people are fed up” said Mowat. “This by-election is an opportunity for the people of this constituency to send a clear message that the Sask. Party needs to stop making Saskatchewan people pay the price for their mismanagement, scandal and waste.”

Mowat was the NDP candidate for the constituency in 2016 and lives on the west-side of Saskatoon with her partner Grayson, a teacher. She works as the Executive Assistant to the Associate Dean of Aboriginal Affairs in the College of Arts & Science at the University of Saskatchewan. She previously worked as a Sessional Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Saskatchewan.

“In everything that she does, Vicki shows how hard-working, determined, and genuine she is,” said NDP Interim Leader Nicole Sarauer. “The results of the last election did not stop her from continuing to connect with people in her community and speaking out on their behalf. If elected, Vicki will be the strongest voice this area has seen in a very long time.” 


Sask. Party drove up provincial debt by more than $2 billion

The final results are in and the Sask. Party drove up the debt $2.3 billion dollars and, though they have been frantically searching for excuses, all they have to show for it is a growing record of mismanagement, scandal, and waste. 

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